Titwala East - 421605

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Comprehensive eye check

Routine eye check up

Spectacle power checking

In-house optical / contact lens

In-house pharmacy

Intra ocular pressure check

Dilated retina evaluation

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No injection — No Stitch — No patch surgery

Laureate™ Phacoemulsification System with OZil™ Technology

Carl Zeiss Lumera 300 Microscope

Intraocular lens - Indian IOLs, Premium imported IOLs

Nd-YAG Capsulotomy Laser

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Diabetic retinopathy clinic

Intravitreal Avastin, Accentrix, Lucentis, Ozurdex Injection

Diagnostic tools like OCT, Fundus Camera

Green Laser for laser treatment

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Refractive and Cornea

Laser vision correction LASIK, PRK, ICL

Ocular surface and Dry eye clinic

Corneal Ulcer clinic

Ocular aesthetic and pterygium clinic

Full thickness corneal transplant surgery or Penetrating Keratoplasty

Keratoprosthesis, Amniotic Membrane Grafting

Keratoconus and collagen cross linking

Ocular immunology and uveitis clinic

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Glaucoma clinic

Diagnostic tools like OCT, Perimetry

YAG Iridotomy

Glaucoma filtration surgery or Trabeculectomy

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Paediatric Eye Services

Amblyopia therapy

Squint and spectacle clinic

Paediatric cataract surgery

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Oculoplasty and Facial Aesthetic services

Botulinum Injection (BOTOX)

Chalazion and lid mass surgeries

Lacrimal apparatus surgeries like DCR, DCT, Naso-Lacrimal Duct probing

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Emergency Eye Trauma Services

Corneal abrasion or corneal tear repair

Ocular Burns, Chemical Injuries, Firecracker Injuries

Traumatic optic neuropathy - intravenous steroids